Monday, May 5, 2014

Two Lyme disease legislative victories !!

Ld legislative victories !!

Supporters celebrate final vote on Lyme bill

Free Press Staff7:38 p.m. EDT May 1, 2014
MONTPELIER – It took months — years, actually — but advocates for giving doctors and patients with Lyme disease more options smiled Thursday afternoon as the Senate gave their bill the last stamp of approval needed before sending it to the governor to become law.
"Success at last," said Betsy Eklof of Colchester, who has traveled to Montpelier to watch nearly every step of the legislation this winter. "We are hoping now to bring Lyme health care back to Vermont."
The bill provides legal protection and encouragement to the medical profession in treating Lyme disease. The measure responds to the lack of doctors willing to treat long-term Lyme disease patients because of the controversy over prescribing extended courses of antibiotics.
The bill doesn't tell doctors how to treat the disease, but says that the Vermont State Board of Medical Practice will issue a policy that assures health providers that regulators won't pursue disciplinary action against them solely for providing care that meets recognized guidelines.

The list of recognized guidelines includes ones the Lyme support group favors.
"We are hoping doctors will come out of the woodwork," Eklof said.

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