Thursday, May 22, 2014

New French documentary on Lyme disease

Here are links to a new documentary that showed on May 21 on French TV (one of the main national channels):

If those links do not work because of a required pass code, try this one:

It may be the only legal way to get to watch this film in English. 

Documentary on Lyme in France (with a little help from a couple of interviews from Dr Horowitz and Dr Eva Sapi). Highly rated (provided you don't mind a strong American accent from the dubber.

A listserv commentor said "Please pay special attention to what Prof Perronne says about how serologies were calibrated.... Some of you going to Norway (upcoming Lyme Conference) might actually want to discuss this with him."

See some French patients, hear hikers and guides in the Pyrenees (Mountains btwn Spain and France) admit that the local authorities do not wish for Lyme to be mentioned as it could be detrimental to tourism.

A very honest and powerful documentary and exposé.

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