Friday, May 2, 2014

Lyme disease in Hangzhou, China

Investigation on the Seroepidemiology of


Disease in Hangzhou

CUI Wei-wu,DENG Jing,SHI Shi-feng,et al.Hangzhou Center for Disease
Prevention,Zhejiang 310006,China

 To investigate the Lyme Borreliosis infection status of population and epidemiological
characteristic in Hangzhou city so as to put forward the preventive measures.

Methods Seroepidemiologic investigations were carried out in mountain residents and forestry workers from Yuhang district,Lin'an city and Jiande city.All serum samples were detected by indirect immunofluorescent assay test(IFAT) for antibodies(IgG)against Borrelia bugdorferi.Positive samples were,detected furthermore to distinguish syphilis and leptospirosis.

Total 932 persons were investigated,111 persons were determined to be infected with Borrelia burgdorferi and the rate of infection was 11.91%.Infection rate of male was a little higher than that of female,but there was no significant difference(P0.05).Infection rates showed no significant difference among age groups(P0.05).There were significant differences of infection rates among the areas in Hangzhou(P0.05),with the highest rate in Yuhang district and the lowest rate in Jiande city.The infection rate in mountain residents was a little higher than that of forestry workers,but the difference wasn't significant(P0.05).

The infection rates of lyme borreliosis were high in mountain residents and forestry workers in Hangzhou.Human,no matter age,sex and occupation,is generally liable to be infected by Borrelia burgdorferi,as long as he is bitten by the tick.It suggests that prevention and control of lyme disease in the people from forestland and mountains in Hangzhou is necessary.

【Key Words】: Lyme disease Serological epidemiology Indirect immunofluorescent assay test
【CateGory Index】: R181.3;R514

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