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More press on IDSA "Mayday" protest

Lyme Warriors Call for Congressional Investigation of CDC, IDSA, Vaccine Makers

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Friday, 23 May 2014 05:00


ARLINGTON, Va., May 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Lyme activists, who have the Infectious Diseases Society of America headquarters surrounded and under siege, issued a call for a Congressional Investigation of corruption within the CDC, IDSA, and the vaccine industry.

According to Lyme researcher and activist, Carl Tuttle, "An investigation is long overdue. The conflicts of interest and improper influence among these originations has contributed to terrible suffering and financial losses for thousands of people."

Tuttle suffered from Lyme disease for twelve years and was misdiagnosed and denied treatment by multiple doctors before he was finally diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease. Despite receiving the IDSA recommended treatment, Tuttle remained ill and was bedridden on oxygen for several months.

New York Times bestselling author Dr. Joseph Mercola says, "Conflicts of interest are rampant in the vaccination infrastructure. The same people who are regulating and promoting vaccines are also evaluating vaccine safety."

In November 2006, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, now a U.S. Senator, launched an investigation of IDSA based on allegations of abuses of monopoly power and exclusionary conduct in the development of their guidelines, in violation of antitrust law.

In a May 2008 press release Blumenthal said, "My office uncovered undisclosed financial interests held by several of the most powerful IDSA panelists. The IDSA's guideline panel improperly ignored or minimized consideration of alternative medical opinion and evidence regarding chronic Lyme disease, potentially raising serious questions about whether the recommendations reflected all relevant science."

IDSA has consistently opposed patient-centered legislation. At IDSA's 2006 annual meeting "Defeat Patient Sponsored Legislation" was a top agenda item.

Mayday Project coordinator Josh Cutler is concerned about the adversarial relationship between the IDSA and patients. He says, "IDSA's response to the epidemic of chronic Lyme disease is to pretend it doesn't exist. Thousands of people suffer as a result. Instead of working for the benefit of patients, IDSA works to block legislation that would help patients."

In April 2014 Senator Bill Posey (R-FL) called for a Congressional investigation into conflicts of interests and corruption within the CDC and vaccine industry. Posey described "Huge conflicts of interest and a misinformation campaign conducted on behalf of the CDC. Their little media network twist[s] the truth to disparage, to malign, to vilify, to denigrate anybody who wants any kind of accountability."


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