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Inanna house for Lyme treatment

Inanna House: A New and Greatly Anticipated Hope For All Lyme Patients

From Public Health Alert, Nov 2012

by Sarah Lamando

You may or may not have heard about it, but

there has recently been quite a stir within the Lyme Community regarding an organization called "Inanna House," one that is giving them something they haven't seen in years...hope. Inanna House is an organization that intends on building the very first inpatient, residen- tial, holistic recovery center for Chronic Lyme Disease patients. The program would include all worlds of medicine, and is designed to address every aspect of healing; mind, body and spirit.

Some of the Highlights of this visionary center include:

designed to help care-takers understand exactly what their loved ones are going through, and how Lyme dis- ease and its co-infections are affecting them. This program will also give specific instructions so that care-takers will know how they can help their loved ones recover.

􏰀 The Center intends to incorporate Green Energy to help run the facility and make it as self-sustainable as possible. This will not only be good for the environment, but will also lower overhead cost, and thus, patient fees.

􏰀 24 Hour Care and moni- toring by Lyme Literate Healthcare Professionals as patients undergo individual- ized treatment plans to achieve optimal re-integra- tion and healing.

and specific therapies the center intends on offering, please visit their website at: /our-vision.html

The conception of such a place could only have come from someone who has wit- nessed the devastation, financial ruin, and complete abandonment by the current healthcare system regarding the treatment of anyone who has been caught in the mid- dle of this current medical nightmare, especially since it happened to her own daugh- ter. Her name is Mara Williams, author of the book, "Nature's Dirty Needle" and Certified Nurse Practitioner with over 30 years of experi- ence as a health-care provider. So shocked at what she and her daughter had to go through in order to receive proper treatment, that she courageously decid- ed it was simply unaccept- able, and has ever since been fighting to see her vision for this unparalleled center be built. She is adamant in her belief that the current healthcare system is "bro- ken," possibly beyond repair, and that a "New Paradigm" is desperately needed. Her center will be the first of many to model this new par- adigm as she intends to have numerous centers all over the country, the first to be built in Sonoma, California. Currently, a campaign

is being held on, created by a single Chronic Lyme Disease Patient, Sarah Lamando, who after helplessly watch- ing her family be torn apart over her illness, chose this organization because she knows that although she could not prevent it from happening to her, Inanna House might be able to pre- vent it from happening to others. She believes in Mara's vision SO strongly that she has tirelessly attempted to raise funds that would literally expedite the creation of this center, and bring it one step closer to a sorely needed reality. To view the campaign, please visit /InannaHouse

ANY contributions towards this cause would be much appreciated. Even those who cannot contribute, can still help make the cam- paign a success by sharing it with others through social medias or by direct e-mails. If successful, Inanna House would gain global exposure and media attention which could only further accelerate the building process of this amazing center.

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