Thursday, October 10, 2013

Reactions to the Katie Couric show (video clips)

The Katie Couric television program about Lyme disease was well done. Dr Richard Horowitz put in a strong effort to counter IDSA denials of chronic Lyme. Even more impressive is the huge number of comments posted on Katie's website.  

You also can see clips from this show there:

Scroll down on that page, and you'll see the video clips and the comments (which go on for pages, and pages, and pages, and...


  1. I'm not prone to saying OMG, but OMG! As of less than 24 after the Katie Couric show on Lyme disease yesterday, there are 748 comments on her web site, almost ALL from Lyme patients, profusely thanking Katie for the show, and briefly telling her their story. It's a HUGE response. Go to the link above (in the body of this post) and scroll down in order to see the clips from the show, and the comments left by Lyme patients.

    1. A few hours later, there are 1245 comments! They are really rolling in.


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