Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Katie Couric Lyme Show

See update below....

Noted Lyme Dr. Richard Horowitz was interviewed on the Katie Couric show. Here's his report about what we believe will be the broadcast date for the show. Dr. Horowitz is a wonderful speaker, and a strong advocate for chronic Lyme patients.

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I don't know how long of a segment she is doing, if Lyme gets the whole show, or what.  But Dr. Horowitz posted a letter:

Hi everyone, 
I just received news of the air date for the Katie Couric show that I was just filmed on. If you could send out the information to the Lyme groups and any interested contacts, would be appreciated. A follow-up email should be coming on how to go online and blog for the online debate that will be following the show. Everyone will have the opportunity to discuss their personal experience, and if and how they were affected by the IDSA guidelines. 
Dr H.

The show will run on October 9th. I don't know what time the Katie show is on.
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Station finder: http://katiecouric.com/station-finder/

UPDATE,  Oct 8, 

This just in....

October 9th's edition of the television show Katie will feature the actor Daniel Radcliffe and a discussion on Lyme Disease with Dr. Richard Horowitz.

Details and a video promo can be found here.

Program promo text: "Are you at risk for Lyme Disease? Does Chronic Lyme Disease really exist? Find out what you need to know to protect your family."
To find out the time and channel for your exact location to watch the program, go here.

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