Thursday, October 10, 2013

Alan MacDonald, MD writes to Katie Couric, after her Lyme show

Dear Katie,

Infections of the Borrelia complex are plural, chronic, and recalcitrant to short therapies in many patients. Lyme is an outmoded label for this plurality of public health issues and the word "Lyme" leads to oversimplification of regulatory thinking about pluralities of actual diseases in the human host.

These conceptual voids lead to under-diagnosis, under-treatment, and under-reporting of actual human disease cases. Morbidities from chronic borreliosis - complex diseases and mortalities are not properly diagnosed or recorded by the Centers for Disease Control.

Politicization of these medical entities has become codified and entrenched by
rules promulgated by the CDC and the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA). Proper diagnosis and proper treatment of borreliosis complex diseases must be individualize to manage each patient. Central Dogma was rethought and discarded in the early years of DNA science. The AIDS conundrum was only solved by rejection of the Central Dogma and the awakening to the idea that the AIDS virus and other Reverse Transcriptases produced disease by reversal of the Central Dogma of DNA. These were unimagined by the CDC.

Statisticians in Atlanta Georgia, and "rules" about Haitian diseases did not lead the way in the management of the worldwide AIDS crisis.

The exposee "And the Band Played On" lighted the way for a pathway to truth which had been steadfastly spurned by the CDC. Presently the CDC is spurning knowledge about the Borreliosis/Lyme epidemic. Doctors of philosophy prevail over doctors of medicine in the inner  workings of the Centers for Disease Control. Only doctors of medicine are obligated to solve individual patient health problems.

Let the doctors who actually take care of patients practice the healing art, without encumbrances by doctors of philosophy and statisticians.

Alan B. MacDonald, MD, FCAP October 9,2013

MD, American Board of Pathology Certified in both Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Pathology.
35 years of Hospital Diagnostic Pathology experience in all areas of Diagnostic Pathology
of Benign, Infection, and Malignant diseases of humans. 
30 Years of experience with Borrelia Research, at the level of Bench research in a biosafety Level 2 Microbiology, and experience with Ultracentrifugation, Pulsed Tangential Alternating Field Electrophoresis, Electron Microscopy, In vivo borrelia primary Isolation, borrelia focused Autopsies on Fetal and Human patients, Primary Isolation of borrelia from Frozen Alzheimer Brains obtained from Dr. George Glenner's UCSD Brain Bank, Primary Isolation of borrelia from Autopsy Alzheimer's Disease brain in community hospital practice, PCR study of the Flagellin B ORF of Borrelia burgdorferi, DNA sequence analysis of PCR products for FLAGELLIN B  DNA from AD frozen tissues from tbe Harvard Mclean Hospital Brain Tissue resource Center, Development and validation of Borrelia-specific DNA probes for Flagellin B, and for the inner cell membrane of Borrelia burgdorferi species BB0060., confirmation that biofilms of Borrelia exist IN VITRO, and extension to IN VIVO Borrelia biofilms in human bacterial Endocarditis, various Cutaneous borrelioses, and Neuroborreliosis.

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