Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dr. Eva Sapi Receives ATF Microscope from Lyme patients

The microscope you helped buy is now on the job 

Sapi takes delivery of ATF microscope--biofilms watch out!
In May, the Lyme community helped us raise $150,000 to purchase a cutting-edge, high-powered microscope for Lyme researcher Dr. Eva Sapi. Enough to buy this important piece of equipment and fund her first project with it, investigating Lyme biofilms. (Details here.)

At the recent San Diego Lymewalk, Lorraine Johnson presented Dr. Sapi with a symbolic check. And this week, the microscope itself was delivered to her lab. This video explains more.
2013 LymeDisease org grant to Dr  Eva Sapi
2013 LymeDisease org grant to Dr Eva Sapi

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