Sunday, October 13, 2013

Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery

Here's an article with some great suggestions about non-Pharma exercises and approaches to healing from PD:

Parkinson's Recipe for Recovery®

My goal with this entry is to cover in detail what I did to recover. Please note: I did not take any medications, nor did I take herbal supplements, herbal formulas, or Ayurvedic formulas. My recovery was predicated on a combination of soul, mind and body healing. As you know, I am not a doctor, and I do not recommend that you do anything that I did to recover without first receiving approval from your doctor(s), and from your religious and spiritual advisors. That being said, I am going to begin with my philosophy of Parkinson's Disease so you can understand why I feel I got it and how I approached getting rid of it. Without this background, much of what I did will make no sense to you.

For about a decade prior to getting Parkinson's, I had been studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and other forms of holistic healing. I concluded that there are underlying factors (genetics, heavy metals, environmental toxins, etc.) that make a person susceptible to getting Parkinson's. However, the three main causes that bring Parkinson's to the surface as diagnosable symptoms are:

See the rest of the story and recipe:'s-my-recipe-for-recovery/

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