Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lyme autopsies rarely performed

Noted Lyme pathologist Dr. Alan MacDonald made a comment today about Lyme caused deaths. I thought it was worth repeating.

Death Certificate wordings are usually worthless (medically and scientifically). "Cardiopulmonary arrest" leads the list of all death certificate causes of death. We all die of "cardiopulmonary arrest." That diagnosis is the fast-and-dirty wording for most death certifictions. It is un-challengeable.

The actual anatomic diseases are only uncovered by carefully-performed autopsies. Autopsies may also be done in haste by autopsy assistants with only brief,
"cameo" appearances by the supervising pathologist in the autopsy suite.

The carelessness with certifications on death certificates is used to the advantage of the IDSA and CDC statisticians to "prove" that fatalities do not happen in Chronic Lyme borreliosis.(sic)

Lyme-focused autopsy studies are just not available to most persons. It is very time consuming (for no monetary reimbursement to the pathologist).

So, a labor of love is called for to properly perform an autopsy in which the spirochete is the actual "agent of death"

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