Saturday, May 7, 2011

Relief is spelled 'Glutathione'

Today I finally found some relief. My LLMD was right about the need for detoxification. I went over to see Carol at Inn Fusion (about a 30-minute drive) and had a triple infusion (for $255): 

After that I felt great. My tremors were almost completely stopped, I went out to dinner with friends and was comfortable and could actually sit around without body parts flailing or sloshing soup on my neighbor. Then watched a movie. Not perfect, but much improved. I'll keep track of how long the effects last.

So, what does this mean? Maybe my primary problem just has to do with detoxification, not necessarily Lyme or PD? In the meantime, I'm tempted to buy some IV glutathione and the other things as well, and learn how to administer them to myself without paying $200+ and a drive to Marin to do it.

I'm going to double my dosing of oral Phosphatidylcholine, as well as being vigilant about taking oral glutathione (Redisorb's Phospholipid Glutathione).

[Added one day later...]  Well, the improvement was good but short lived. Same old stuff this morning. Tremors, shakes, rigidity, etc. But at least I have a new clue to perhaps solving a part of the overall jig-saw puzzle. Perhaps I will have to IV some of those compounds every day. Stay tuned.  

[Added three days later...]  Just had a conversation with Carole Weiner at Inn Fusion. She said that her Parkinson's patients benefit from Glutathione and often get as much as 3000 mg. Her guess was that it was the Glutathione that provided the relief for me. To test the concept, this afternoon I will get 1500 mg again, IV, and see what happens....[5 hrs later...] Well, we tried the glutathione (in a 100 ml saline dilution drip) and I sat around the clinic for two hours to see what the results would be. Sadly, not much. So then we injected two vials of phospholipids via a push. Then there was some mild improvement. The drive home was much easier than the drive over to the clinic, for example. My right arm wasn't rigid, and the left foot was much more relaxed. There was still some tremor, some significant weakness, some bradykinesia. Then again, the glutathione and phospholipids were administered today in reverse order, compared to Friday. Normally, one would get glutathione last. There is likely some synergistic effect between these supplements. More remains to be experimented with, such as trying a total repeat of the Meyer's -> Phospholipids -> Glutathione trio. I may do that later in the week.  Sigh.


  1. I greatly benefit from I.V. glutathione. Wayne Anderson says that liposhperic glutathione, taken orally is just as good as I.V. I find lipospheric to be about 1/2 as good. You can order it at

  2. Hi Bob,

    Some relief is a good thing when you are that ill ! I have found a Dr. in my area that does glutathione treatments and I am saving up to start treatment.

    I hope that with continued treatment you will find good health !



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