Saturday, May 14, 2011

New dermatitis update

What is this stuff?? Aargh.
Seems I have gotten a rash again. Not sure what it is, but it happened when I had the supposedly hypoallergenic bandage (IV 3000) on, though it began only under the gauze pad in the very center. Feeling something amiss, I took off the bandage 5 days ago and it has continued to spread, even with no needle, washing only with water, etc. So I will see the dermatologist and see what this is about. In the meantime I am not on Rocephin, obviously. I suspect this is a fungus....

[Next day] After seeing the dermatologist today, it was her opinion that what is going on is simply contact dermatitis (again), not a fungal infection or bacterial infection. We decided that next time I insert the needle I have to use probably just paper tape and nothing else. Then I will use that water protection barrier when I take a shower, and then remove it.


  1. Hi bob,
    My daughter had a rash like that - it was from chloraprep allergy. We now use the PVP iodine cleaner instead - and the rash has gone away.

    Also, we used a bit of Nasonex or cortisone cream (just once) - to calm down the rash.

    You have my best hopes and wishes for a recovery!
    misty in Mass.

  2. Thanks, Misty! I had a reaction to chloraprep, too. I only use alcohol now. I think I had a reaction to iodine and betadine as well. Very sensitive skin, I guess. I ask what the nurse used last time.


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