Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Part One: Lyme Disease Management-Immune Health

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  1. Bob, I am given my 4 grams in two fat syringes 10 ml each and instructed by Walgreen's infusion nurses to infuse 1 ml every 30 seconds. Getting the whole 4 gr in 20 minutes. It doesn't surprise me to learn that is wrong (too fast, should be a minimum of 45 minutes)..

    My Lyme doc, Kenneth Liegner, is in New York. He recommends treatment to my GP, who orders it. Here in Michigan, we don't officially believe in Lyme disease. Lots of things have gotten lost in translation between my Lyme doc's prescription and local service. Everything learned the hard way. Months of c. Diff last year before learning not all probiotics are the same. VSL3 is worth every uncovered cent, took me four pharmacies to find one who would order it. Didn't test for coinfections before starting abx. List just goes on and on. 

    I am getting regular labs, though, and this time pulsing doses and taking Actigall to avoid last year's gall bladder sludge. I also pulse Tindemax and take malarone to help beat down a likely babesia infection that used to make me want to die. Still have a lot of joint pain and neuralgias, but the really horrible head pain and nausea are well controlled now.

    Oh!!! I think the best thing I've done for myself has been working with Quincai Zhang, New York. Recommended by Andrew Weil, this guy has both Chinese and Western medical training and develops standardized herbal supplements for the treatment of various diseases that the Chinese just have a better track record in treating. They are good at treating the other spirochetal diseases, for instance. 

    Anyway, Zhang's protocol is complementary. Can be taken along with these hard-hitting abx, and can help keep the herxes tolerable. I'm certain it was his artemesia formula that first got the babesia under control. 

    It's expensive. No doubt about it. But he has a good record of getting people into remission and off his supplements, usually inside a year. 

    I went off of his stuff to prepare for my last round of tests, and will restart it soon. I expect to feel better when I do.

    Oh, I have autonomic dysfunction now too. Finally found a really small dose of atenolol, a beta blocker, gets that under control. Really got me on my feet again.


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