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Why your generic drugs might be costing you more under Obama-care

This story was co-published with The New York Times' The Upshot.
Health insurance companies are no longer allowed to turn away patients because of their pre-existing conditions or charge them more because of those conditions. But some health policy experts say insurers may be doing so in a more subtle way: by forcing people with a variety of illnesses - including Parkinson's disease, diabetes and epilepsy - to pay more for their drugs.
Insurers have long tried to steer their members away from more expensive brand name drugs, labeling them as "non-preferred" and charging higher co-payments. But according to an editorial published Wednesday in the American Journal of Managed Care, several prominent health plans have taken it a step further, applying that same concept even to generic drugs.
The Affordable Care Act bans insurance companies from discriminating against patients with health problems, but that hasn't stopped them from seeking new and creative ways to shift costs to consumers. In the process, the plans effectively may be rendering a variety of ailments "non-preferred," according to the editorial.
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Here's the bad news about antibiotic control by the govt.....

I fear this will make it even more difficult for Lyme pts to get their abx. As if we needed more hurdles. Sigh.....

WASHINGTON -- Antibiotic stewardship programs can improve patient care, reduce the use of the medications, and save money, researchers reported here.

And in some cases they might be associated with a reduction in antibiotic resistance, investigators said during a media event at the Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.

But the key benefit is improved patient care, according to Fredrik Resman, MD, of Lund University in Malmo, Sweden.

"You have to keep that in mind all the time," Resman told MedPage Today, conceding stewardship programs are a balancing act between the needs of patients and the need to use antibiotics rationally.

"You have to keep that in mind all the time," Resman told MedPage Today, conceding stewardship programs are a balancing act between the needs of patients and the need to use antibiotics rationally.

In a case-control study among geriatric patients, Resman and colleagues were able to cut the duration of antibiotic use by instituting a stewardship program markedly with no impact on mortality.

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Lyme videos - the even bigger collection!!

 I posted a master list of Lyme videos and movies a few weeks ago. Since then, the list has grown, as people have added to it. Here's the latest accumulated, aggregated list. You could spend a week watching them. As you are watching, chances are good that someone or some team is shooting or editing another one. It's kind of amazing how many videos there are, yet how little new research is being done by the powers that be (Federal US bucks, anyway. Other countries are doing better work.) Don't forget to take a break and watch some comedies once in a while. As Dr Joe Burrascano says, the people who get better are the people who don't make their lives all about Lyme disease. Remember to do the things you love, have social time however you can get it, even if it's via phone/Skype calls, having friends visit you, etc. And don't talk about your physical problems all the time, if friends and family do come over, alright?


Under Our Skin, Under Our Skin 2: Emergence:


Invisible Illness: Lyme disease, TED:

Lyme Disease a Silent Epidemic Produced by France 5 Public Network and Grand Angle Directed by Chantal Perrin

Maladie de Lyme diffusé sur France 5 le 20/5/14 (in French)

The Voices of Lyme Disease- Breaking the Silence created by Victoria Wilcox, a 16 year old girl and her friend, Sara Lynch:

Documentary Film on Lyme Disease and Stealth Infections, Invisibly Ill, Australia:

Lyme Awareness Video

Under the Eight Ball:

Under Our Skin Panel Discussion                                                                                                                               

Lyme Disease Parody
YouTube Lyme Cartoons   01   02   03   04   05   06   07   08 

Celebrity Videos:
Yolanda Foster's Experience With Lyme: LRA Gala

Daryl Hall Speaks About Persistent Lyme Disease Infection

Dorothy Leland ( shared this story:

Debbie Gibson Reveals Drastic Weight Loss Caused by Lyme Disease

Amy Tan with Ray Stricker:

Ben Stiller on David Letterman discusses Lyme disease:

Multiple Celebrities with Lyme Disease:

Lyme in Australia:
(These videos are also at

Treating Lyme Disease In Australia: Naturopath Amina Eastham-Hillier- Bec Mills

Dr Nicola McFadzean: Treatment for Chronic Lyme and Co Infections UNCUT (Sneak Peak with Bec Mills)

Lyme is Here in Australia: With Bare Bones Medicine Co (Bec Mills)

Lyme Disease Is In Australia- A Hallmark Highlight with Sydney GP Dr Schloeffel- Bec Mills

Recovering from MS, FM and CFS: Brisbane Physiotherapist Kate Stossel chats to Prof. Garth Nicolson

Educating the Educated, Kate Stossel Chats to Prof Nicolson- Bec Mills

Young Australian family living with Lyme, Morgellons, Bartonella, Babesia and Mycoplasma

Lyme Disease in Australia - Beyond the Bandaid Interview Belinda Campbell Adelaide, SA October 2012

Invisibly ILL - A Stealth Reality - PREVIEW- Bec Mills

Alan MacDonald videos:

Brian Fallon: Antibiotics Don't Always Kill:

Lyme Disease - Seasons On The Fly, Dr Jason West:

Scientific-Lyme/Tick-Borne Diseases and Autism:
Lyme Induced Autism – One Family's Incredible Story

Dr. Charles Ray Jones

Pr Luc Montagnier on Lyme disease, autism and chronic infections

Lyme Induced Autism part 1:

Treating Autism With Antibiotics (France 3 19/20, Feb 17, 2012):

Lyme Autism Talk 1-5:

Tick-Borne Infections & Lyme Disease Contributing to ASD:

Scientific Support for the Effectiveness of Treating Children Comorbid with Lyme Disease and Autism Spectrum Disorder:

Dr. Robert Bransfield interview:

Lyme-induced-autisme (en anglais):

Dr Horowitz Presentation to the Belgium Senate:

Rep. Mario Scavello poses some questions at the House Appropriations Committee budget hearing with the Department of Health.

Dr Smith Testimony in Pennsylvania:

Dr Bransfield testifies at PA Lyme hearing:


Some ILADS videos:

PJ Langhoff Videos (179):

200 Videos about Lyme disease:

Also, do an Internet or YouTube search of Lyme or Lyme + video + the names of the doctors involved with Lyme disease to find many additional videos. 

When I did this with my name I was surprised to find 8 videos.

The following review is by Scott Forsgren from his BetterHealthGuy blog
The Lyme Altar is a new documentary with a focus on the struggles of Lyme disease.  The film was released in August 2014 and is available on  A trailer of the film can be viewed on (  It is a collaboration between Gordon Medical Associates (GMA) and Touchable Stories Productions.  I personally enjoyed the powerhouse healers that shared their insights in the film.  They included Joseph Burrascano MD, Eric Gordon MD, Neil Nathan MD, Wayne Anderson ND, Elizabeth Large ND and more.  

The complexities of diagnosing and treating Lyme disease are described in the film including a review of some of the newest laboratory tests available.  Given that only 17% of patients remember a tick bite and as low as 36% may have a classic bull's-eye rash, newer diagnostic tools are critically needed.  Patients are clearly not losing their minds, depressed, or lying, and yet, without definitive testing, this is often what they are told.  Fortunately, we have practitioners and healers like those at GMA that view things very differently, believe patients, and recognize that it is the "richness of the story that sometimes gives us the clues". 

Dr. Eric Gordon eloquently defined chronic Lyme disease as a "bizarre interaction between a very complex microorganism and a very complex human being".  Dr. Elizabeth Large reminded patients that we often measure ourselves by how much we do and that it is often important to "surrender to whatever your body needs at that time and not judge it."  I was fortunate to have been interviewed for the film and shared my thoughts by saying, "It's a really tough journey; it's a lot of work, and I think part of the recovery has to be about not so much looking at what you've lost but at what you've gained and the positive things that have come out of it."  

Dr. Neil Nathan shared, "Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, the epidemic of Autism, and Lyme disease all kind of showed up about the same time.  I am quite sure that means something.  I have attributed it to a combination of growing environmental toxicities and the growing thoughtless use of electromagnetic energies."  Both Dr. Nathan and Dr. Gordon highlighted the significance of environmental chemicals in chronic illness.  

For many with chronic Lyme disease, it can often be a lonely journey.  The Lyme Altar shares the struggles of patients in their attempts to get diagnosed and to recover their health.  While there are no magic bullets, there is much power in understanding that there is a community of people with shared experiences.  We are not alone.  Not only are we not alone, but there is great hope in knowing that open-minded practitioners and healers are working hard to advance treatment options and to improve the quality of life in those recovering from chronic illness.  Here's to your health....

Inferior Lyme tests are to be based on a single band.

This email was posted today on a listserv. It was written by Alan Mcdonald the noted and highly-experienced pathologist in the field of Lyme disease diagnosis and testing.



the question about B31 As the "Borrelia of choice( sic) " continues to be asked of me by many correspondents.

The answer follows - and the flawed science behind the selection of B31 blood test kits is Revealed below.

The decision to use ONLY B31 Borrelia for the manufacture of All ELISA AND ALL WESTERN BLOT TEST KITS IN THE USA was a decision made early in the history of Lyme testing by highly placed Authorities in the USA.

Today it is clear that  B31 has a limited library of proteins and a constant DNA signature
- PROTEINS WHICH DO MATCH THE B31 Protein repertoire.

So, we live in a Borrelia universe of ongoing DNA changes within strains and with newly discovered strains unknown to Dr. Burgdorfer.

Any patient whose infection is due to a Borrelia in the wider group of NEW STRAINS and from Genovars within each of the named strains will run the risk of getting a false negative B31 based blood test kit. 

"if the new strain proteins don't fit, your health care provider will acquit" and you will be dismissed from further Borrelia care. 

Sad But true

Alan MacDonald MD. FCAP FASCP

Federal Lyme legislation up for vote — Please write your Congressperson

Political Action Alert 
Federal Lyme bill up for House vote this week--please ask your Congressperson to vote "Yes"

H.R. 4701, the Vector-Borne Disease Research Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014, will go up for a vote between Tuesday, Sept. 9 and Thursday, Sept. 11. 

Click here for details about the bill and info on how to contact your Congressperson. Please do this now., publisher of The Lyme Times, advocates nationally for people with tick-borne diseases, educates the public and helps fund medical research. We are the go-to source for news, information and health policy analysis in the Lyme community. Become a member today.

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FDA plans to severely restrict Lyme testing

Lyme-related news from our blogs 
Whose interests are being protected by the FDA? Not Lyme patients, apparently

The FDA has announced it plans to severely restrict diagnostic testing for Lyme disease. Click here to learn more.


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NEWS: Watch Amy Tan and Dr. Stricker's San Francisco interview, publisher of The Lyme Times, advocates nationally for people with tick-borne diseases, educates the public and helps fund medical research. We are the go-to source for news, information and health policy analysis in the Lyme community. Become a member today.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Amazing photos from our NY Times Lyme Protest

Here are photos from our NY Times Lyme protest yesterday. Greta Van Susteren, Fox News reporter, tweeted about it. Severn Butoh dancers performed. People came in from Quebec, Missouri, Texas, Washington State, Washington D.C. and surrounding NE states.


Here is one observer's commentary about the event:

"Having been at yesterday's protest, I can only say that it was an overall success, and the way our money was spent was obvious. It was not cheap to transport the wheelchairs, hire the security guard, have the butoh dancers, make professional signs, transport the beautiful and large banner.  The butoh dancers  beautifully conveyed the pain of the illness and riveted passersby who asked questions.
We had contact with NYTimes reporters that was unexpected in its openness and time commitment.  The 10s of journalism students were eager to learn, naïve though most were, asked good questions, and are all eager to build resumes by submitting articles to small, neighborhood newspapers, off-center newspapers, and wherever they can get them.  Great that they were assigned covering us. We had Columbia Journalism students and NYU students.  Not a bad lot!  Of course they won't make a mainstream newspapers.  It's a beginning.  I don't know if  you consider the Poughkeepsie Journal mainstream, but it sure has been important to us, and as far as I'm concerned, deserves a Pulitzer.
I found the NYTimes infectious disease Reporter was stunned to learned that doctors are being sanctioned, though he was clear he is only free to cover Ebola right now.  He was also interested in the zoodiagnosis studies.   
I thought 100 people turning out was terrific; we were seen by many; passersby were interested and asked questions.  Student reporters and reporters asked questions, and all was good."