Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mysterious Cessation of Symptoms

Two days ago (Thursday) I had a mysterious cessation of symptoms. They did not completely vanish, but they were significantly diminished. I had minimal tremor, minimal trouble initiating movement, felt relaxed internally, even went out to dinner with a friend after the Lyme disease support group, and felt very pleasant. I have no idea what was responsible for this.
Unlike sometimes in the past, when I kept a very detailed log of the supplements and food items I was ingesting, I have fallen off the wagon because it is such a chore and there is so seldom a payoff. I do know I had taken a bunch of vitamin C, some choline and some iodine and a few other odds and ends that day. I had also done a small maybe 5 to 10 min. session hanging upside down in my inversion swing. That's a device that you hang in from your hips and it inverts your body to increase bloodflow into the brain and into the various organs. It feels very good and I have not done that for some time. In general, I tried to retrace my steps yesterday, but to no great avail. By that and I mean nothing significant happened as a result. I tried some fermented skate liver oil, cod liver oil (to get my omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids), a couple kinds of magnesium, Vitamin E (tocotrienol complex), an odorless garlic pill, and 150mg of molybdenum. Nada.
I had also been pretty religious about decreasing my sugar and refined carbohydrate intake, in hopes of decreasing what I suspect is a large amount of Candida. I have read that Candida can produce all kinds of wacky symptoms including some tremor, so I thought maybe that might be tied into decreased assimilation, nutritional problems, and heavy load of inflammation in the system. So I had reduced sugar intake, and even fruit intake for the last few days. I had also been taking a couple of candida reduction supplements that are herbal. One is called Candicid Forté. Maybe Candida control has something to do with these mysterious reductions in symptoms.
However, nothing seemed to be working so I decided to move ahead to Plan B. So, later in the day I went to my trusty infusion clinic and did a repeat of the infusion series that I had received two weeks ago. It had seemed to work so well at reducing my symptoms: We did a Meyer's cocktail, followed by phospholipids, followed by glutathione. But this time, it did nothing. So the experiment with that is probably over. Not that they probably don't help my system to detoxify and to nurse me with missing vitamins and minerals, but it was not the silver bullet. As a final experiment, last night I took a little bit of selegiline and amantadine, and noticed no effect.
Sigh. The search goes on.


  1. At least once a year I got a day or 2 of semi-remission too. It's always impossible to figure out why.

  2. Reading about Candida brought to mind the excellent advice in this book:
    Dr. Jacqueline Krohn: Allergy Relief and Prevention; a doctor's guide to self-care and treatment.

    Dr Krohn, my own doctor for allergy and candida cures, comes from a background of working with children as pediatrician. The cures are slow and gradual, accounting for slow detoxification so you don't get more sick from the cure than you were from the disease. There is a comprehensive section on Candida.


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