Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Inflammation, GI tract, and Lyme

I found this today, in my searches:

Most chronic diseases have been linked to excessive or persistent inflammation. This chronic
inflammation is a systemic phenomena with local manifestations. Chronic inflammation occurs when the injury is ongoing or a predisposed immune system fails at counter-regulation. Unaddressed chronic inflammation can completely obstruct the path to recovery from an infection such as Lyme disease. In order to properly manage Lyme disease the immune system needs to be optimized. The first area of optimization is the GI tract.
For any further information please visit this website page on Lyme disease: 

Peter J. Muran, MD, practices Integrative Medicine in San Luis Obispo, CA, specializing in immune conditions such as Lyme disease.

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  1. VSL-3, DS (double strength, by prescription?) is an uber-strong, and very effective probiotic. It's designed for people on chemo, or with ulcerative colitis and ileostomies, I think. Anyway, Dr. Liegner's office has long recommended it to me, but I've had a hard time getting ahold of it through my regular private pharmacy. Finally got it sourced through good old Walgreens. It's expensive. I haven't tried for reimbursement from my insurance company yet.

    But this time, on Rocephin, I'm taking a packet of that every day, and WOW. What a difference!  Last time on Rocephin I was barely continent, developed c.diff so bad it took months to clear. 

    This time, with the VSL3-DS, so far, so good. Continent. No sign of c.diff after a month of therapy. Here is the website:

    This site describes the less-strong product, available without a script. I hear that the DS (double strength) is just that. One packet of DS is like two packets of regular VSL3. Some people take up to four packets of the stuff per day. Pricey!


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