Friday, August 14, 2015

The iSpot Lyme test .... discussion

Here's a claim about a new Lyme test, followed by a discussion between two other testing lab reps I saw on a web site:

iSpot Lyme™ allows for better diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment when paired with Western Blot
iSpot Lyme is a new testing methodology that complements Western Blot, because it measures something completely different: T cell response to four specific Lyme antigens. Unlike antibody production, T cell response kicks in just 4–6 days after infection. As a result, iSpot Lyme allows for earlier detection than Western Blot. iSpot Lyme can also identify how active the disease is—and therefore how well your treatment is working. Use both, and you can finally get a much clearer picture.
Q: I didn't know we had a test to monitor Lyme treatment failure or success?
Can this company make these claims?
It sounds very much like a Lymphocyte Transformation test - an EliSpot test such as produced by the AID company in Germany.  They have Borrelia EliSpot test kits.  It measures the amount of Interferon-gamma produced by the Lymphocytes when incubated in the presence of Borrelia antigens.
Not always as simple and clear cut as it sounds.

-Australian Biologics

A: Correct. But if they claim they can measure an active infection on T-cells, it sounds like the Melisa test. The Melisa measures directly the proliferation of T-lymfocyts to lymfoblasts if exposed to Borrelia antigen. Advantage, you can check the morphology, that's not possible with EliSpot.  Has less false positives as EliSpot. But indeed, you must have the skills to perform it right.

-CEO Medical Lab 

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