Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Social Security Disability (SSDI & SSI) for Lyme Disease

Important rating, everybody with Lyme disease! You may have been turned down for SSDI already but this article details the specifics you need to understand and comply with in order to succeed. I applied for SSDI and I'm now getting a healthy check every month. With the right knowledge maybe you can, too.


Social Security Disability (SSDI & SSI) for Lyme Disease

Whether you can get Social Security Disability or SSI benefits based on Lyme disease depends on how severe your symptoms are. 

by Lorraine Netter, Contributing Author
Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that you get through the bite of a deer tick (black-legged tick). Due to the particular nature of Lyme disease, with its exacerbations and remissions, individuals who have Lyme disease can face an uphill challenge when they attempt to pursue either Social Security Disability (SSD) or SSI disability benefits. 

Disabling Symptoms of Lyme Disease

The effects of Lyme disease on individuals vary greatly, but Lyme disease generally shows up in three stages; each stage has progressively worse symptoms if untreated.
Stage one begins within days to weeks of being bitten. Infected individuals suffer flu-like symptoms that can include a headache, body ache, and overall feeling of being ill. Many individuals also experience a bull's eye rash around the site where they were bite.
Read the rest of the story, which lists all of the hoops you need to jump through to qualify for SSDI when you have Lyme disease:

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