Saturday, April 4, 2015

Best Lyme coverage to date?

I received this today from one of the most prolific Lyme activists, Jessica Bernstein. I had just read the article yesterday at the infusion center where I go for treatment. I believe she is right. This is huge coverage for Lyme, and we should leverage it as much as possible to our advantage.


As you may know, People magazine just did a cover article about singer Avril Lavigne's battle with Lyme disease. This is probably the best coverage Lyme has received in the history of the disease. People magazine is one of the top 10 most read magazines in the United States. I recommend that we use this opportunity to flood People magazine with letters to the editor to help get our message out there. 

Keep letters short and simple with one main message. First thank them for doing the article about Avril. Then decide what message you want to get across. My focus was on how we need more funding for research and more media attention informing people about this silent pandemic.

Here's the email to send your letter to the editor:

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