Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Another Powassan Virus article

A New Incurable Virus Found in Bridgeport and Branford


Augh.  Here’s a reason to freak out.  A new virus similar to Lyme disease has been detected in Bridgeport and Branford.  The bad news?  There’s no treatment for it and it may be deadly.  The good news?  No human has contracted it yet in our state.

It’s called “Powassan” and it’s a tick-borne disease.  Unlike Lyme disease where your symptoms show up relatively quickly, this virus can show no signs for up to a month.  Like Lyme disease, if contracted, one may start getting headaches, nausea, and fever.  It can attack the central nervous system and trigger meningitis.

Last year 12 people in the country contracted the disease.  People are being urged to wear plenty of clothing and to cover up skin whenever traveling into wooded areas.  So far we couldn’t figure out where or how they detected the virus in those towns.  In the meantime if you like to freak out over diseases that most likely will never affect you, here’s a super comprehensive YouTube video about the new virus.

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