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Is a New Transdermal Anti-Depressant the Best in the World?

(PRWEB) September 23, 2014

Dr. James Schaller of Naples Florida shares a scientific breakthrough which could change the lives of millions who suffer from depression and arthritis.

This antidepressant has very little in common with any of the current medications approved by the FDA, and represents an effective, unique, and natural approach to depression.

Current synthetic antidepressants share problems that include weight gain, sexual dysfunction, serious withdrawal symptoms, ulcers, heart rhythm changes and seizure risks. (1) Suicide risks may also exist, possibly due to slow effects or to the initial high dosing that is common. (2)

Today Dr. James Schaller announced the patent for a new and unique antidepressant treatment. This antidepressant has very little in common with any of the current medications currently approved by the FDA, and represents a unique type of medication. The patent can be seen at:

The patent is the creation of transdermal SAM-e which is a natural substance occurring in the body; it is one of the most important cell chemicals for humans. This new dose delivery design avoids the stomach and intestinal side effects of oral SAM-e, and avoids the large number of expensive and inconvenient pills required for mood recovery. It also allows the B-vitamins that SAM-e uses to work to be part of the formula in a simple patch.

This antidepressant has very little in common with any of the current medications approved by the FDA, and represents an effective, unique, and natural approach to depression.

Oral or injectable SAM-e has existed in medical science for many decades and the oral form is now in the majority of American pharmacies. Research exists to support its use to prevent routine arthritis (3, 4), to decrease liver cancer, and to decrease inflammatory chemicals. In contrast to routine antidepressants, transdermal SAM-e works more quickly and is not associated with allergic reactions, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, or withdrawal symptoms. It also does not cause ulcers or other intestinal damage, nor does it increase seizures, harm bone marrow or cause heart rhythm changes. (5, 6, 7)

Transdermal SAM-e has many modes of action, such as fighting depression in three neurotransmitter systems: serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine.

This patented treatment was created by research physician James Schaller, who specializes in treatment-resistant medical or psychiatric patients, in collaboration with research pharmacists, who designed this formulation over the span of ten years.

Dr. Schaller is an internationally renowned author, research physician, theologian, and part-time clinician specializing in non-surgical, non-cancer treatment failure patients. He has written over two dozen books and top journal papers in diverse areas of medicine, including tick, flea and other infections which cause chronic illness and fatigue. He has 13 books discussing tick, flea and pet infections such as Bartonella and dangerous Babesia. He was also the first to publish a practical cancer breakthrough, now a standard treatment internationally. Dr. Schaller treats people nationally and internationally and tailors his treatment to their unique biochemistry and healing preferences. To learn more, visit

Those with a serious financial interest in purchasing the patent should contact:

James Schaller, MD, MAR, PA 
Community Bank Tower 
Suite 305 
5150 Tamiami Trial N. 
Naples, Florida 34103 
Phone: 239.263.0133


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