Thursday, September 18, 2014

Amazing photos from our NY Times Lyme Protest

Here are photos from our NY Times Lyme protest yesterday. Greta Van Susteren, Fox News reporter, tweeted about it. Severn Butoh dancers performed. People came in from Quebec, Missouri, Texas, Washington State, Washington D.C. and surrounding NE states.


Here is one observer's commentary about the event:

"Having been at yesterday's protest, I can only say that it was an overall success, and the way our money was spent was obvious. It was not cheap to transport the wheelchairs, hire the security guard, have the butoh dancers, make professional signs, transport the beautiful and large banner.  The butoh dancers  beautifully conveyed the pain of the illness and riveted passersby who asked questions.
We had contact with NYTimes reporters that was unexpected in its openness and time commitment.  The 10s of journalism students were eager to learn, naïve though most were, asked good questions, and are all eager to build resumes by submitting articles to small, neighborhood newspapers, off-center newspapers, and wherever they can get them.  Great that they were assigned covering us. We had Columbia Journalism students and NYU students.  Not a bad lot!  Of course they won't make a mainstream newspapers.  It's a beginning.  I don't know if  you consider the Poughkeepsie Journal mainstream, but it sure has been important to us, and as far as I'm concerned, deserves a Pulitzer.
I found the NYTimes infectious disease Reporter was stunned to learned that doctors are being sanctioned, though he was clear he is only free to cover Ebola right now.  He was also interested in the zoodiagnosis studies.   
I thought 100 people turning out was terrific; we were seen by many; passersby were interested and asked questions.  Student reporters and reporters asked questions, and all was good."

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