Monday, June 2, 2014

Video from author Connie Strasheim about her new book, "Beyond Lyme Disease""

I received this promo piece yesterday in email and thought I'd pas it on. I haven't read the book. If you have, I"d be curious to read your response(s). Please comment. 


Connie Strasheim has sent you a message
Just wanted to invite you to check out my video! In it, I talk about my latest Lyme disease book, "Beyond Lyme Disease" which describes the causes of chronic illness in people with Lyme, besides Borrelia infections. These include: nutrient deficiencies, parasites, mold, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, heavy metal poisoning, and more- as well as solutions for healing. For more information, visit: and
Discover the Causes of Chronic Illness in C. Strasheim's new book, "Beyond Lyme Disease"
Borreliosis and co-infections aren't always the primary cause of symptoms in people with chronic Lyme disease. In this new book, learn about what's making people with Lyme disease sick, and why these conditions aren't just side effects of having tick-borne infections. For more information, visit: and

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Connie Strasheim sent you a message: You received a video: "Discover the Causes of Chronic Illness in C. Strasheim's new book, "Beyond Lyme Disease""!

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