Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Alan Steere on Boston NPR

Alan Steere, one of the most well-known IDSA researchers who claims that "Lyme disease is hard to get and easy to cure" was on NPR today (June 24, 2014), on the show called "Here and Now."

Nobody in my circle of Lyme friends and docs believes this research is accurate, but I believe it is good practice to listen to the other side of any argument from time to time, even if painful or a stretch to do so. Sometimes, new insights will surface.

It's also good simply to know the other side of a debate and the opponents' talking points and the state of the research being done by the opposition.




  1. http://hereandnow.wbur.org/2014/06/24/chronic-lyme-overdiagnosed-steere

    there's the link if you want to add your comments

  2. Well stated, Bob.

    A little known fact: When I undergoing treatment for late stage Lyme about 15 yrs ago, Steere was a PAID adviser for a major East Coast insurance company. He was forced to resign due to public pressure.

    Boston Globe and NYT articles:





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