Friday, March 15, 2013

Radio Show with Dr. Steve Harris and Dr. Linda Williams

For many of us suffering with neuro-Lyme, reading a long document such as Dr. Joseph Burrascano's definitive diagnosis and treatment guidelines, can be too difficult.

Concentrating on pages and pages of information may just be too much for the neurologically-affected brain to assimilate.

For something easie to digest on the topic of Lyme disease appearance, diagnosis, and treatment, here is a radio interview with LLMD Dr. Steve Harris and psychiatrist Dr. Linda Williams. 

Dr. Williams' points are particularly interesting to me, since she discusses psychiatric problems such as anxiety, panic attacks and depression that can result from Lyme infection. This is some of the best content I have seen on the crossover between Lyme and psychiatric complications. Although it was a radio show, someone videotaped it as well, so you actually see the doctors in the radio studio during the broadcast. They take call-ins on this show, too. 

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