Friday, March 15, 2013

Personal Video Check-in 3-14-13

Here's some of the latest scoop on how I'm doing with my neurological symptoms such as shaking and whatnot. I will do a longer, more involved video when I get a chance. There is lots to talk about.

I got a little crazy with the orientation of the iPhone at the end. I wasn't sure whether I was videoing in portrait or landscape more. My back yard is not completely vertical, although it does sometimes feel as though I live on a cliff. There are 82 steps to the front door. But, the lot is closer to 45 degrees than it is to 90 degrees.

Yes, it's a drag sometimes, but thanks to modern chemistry, I do get a break from what feels like non-stop break dancing at least 6 hours per day. That's better than zero hours, which is what I was getting before starting the Sinemet.


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