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Garlic is as good as ten mothers

Actually, there is a movie by that name. It's all about the medicinal effects and qualities of garlic. A documentary on the history of garlic. Blank interviews chefs, garlic lovers, and historians about the their love of the 'stinking rose.'

My Lyme doctor has told me to eat as much raw garlic as I can muster. A great way to win friends and influence people! Garlic is metabolized through the lungs, so I have read, which explains a lot, such as why it so effectively thwarts vampire attacks. 

Seriously, now, I read this helpful entry on the California Lyme listserv yesterday and asked the author for permission to reprint it. For any of you who are interested in consuming nature's little miracle for its curative powers, you'll find some good tips within. Below that, you'll find a link to a bit of the film, on YouTube. 

Mar 22, 2013 1:00 pm (PDT) . 
Posted by: "Anne Mears" mcfighter 

I have been using garlic now for about 2 months. It is inexpensive and
effective, at least for me and the way that I use it. Energetically, I
tested high for parasites in the abdomen and chest cavities. Since starting the garlic, these tests have shown greatly reduced levels of parasites.

Parasites don't like garlic. Other levels of infections with Lyme and
agrobacteria have also reduced, though I have been taking prescriptions to help reduce those levels. I have taken the same prescriptions in the past and not noticed significant improvements. I have eliminated energetic evidence of bart, babs, and mycoplasma since I last took these antibiotics, so that may also play a role in getting the numbers down. Parasites and other infections can help prescription-targeted organisms survive antibiotic use.

This is how I have been taking garlic. It is strong and unpleasant, but for
me, the results are worth a bit of discomfort and distaste. I crush fresh
garlic cloves, enough to make about 2 tsp of crushed garlic. Then I mix it
with about 2 tsp of hot coconut oil. Allin and Allicin are both components
of garlic, but are apparently stored in different cells. Crushing the garlic combines these two components, which results in a potent, anti-infective compound which is stable for about an hour or so. After that, it starts to lose effectiveness and potency. So it is best prepared just before eating it. The hot coconut oil helps with the garlic taste and also has anti-infective properties. I have found it best to eat a little food before taking the garlic, washing it down quickly with water or other preferred beverage, and then eating some more food. If food is not already in the stomach, some burning stomach pain may occur for a little while. 

My tongue is also a little sore for about 30 min after taking the garlic, but I am willing to put up with that discomfort because I know I am gaining energy and kicking infections out by taking the garlic. I take this twice a day and love the results.

Anne Mears, RN, MSN/IH

  1. Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers - YouTube

    May 17, 2007 - Uploaded by Xavi Menós
    Excerpt of the documentary "Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers" directed by Les Blank.

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