Friday, May 11, 2012

My Blog was Hacked - Sorry!

Dear readers,

My blog is being spammed by an electronics company. Somehow they are breaking into my blog and posting ads for electronics.

I have taken the usual precautions againt this, turning off ads in the settings for my blog, etc. I phoned this company last year about this, and they claimed innocence, but now the ads are back. I delete them immediately, but by then they have been sent to you.

I am sorry, and I am doing what I can. I will report them to Google, who hosts my blog. Please just delete the ads when you see them. They are always from U.S. Appliance.



  1. Why are we getting 'shopping' sites through your blog? This makes no sense. I have Lyme. I don't need more junk to sift through in my inbox. This is the second one. There does not seem to be any connection to Lyme or much else, just random stuff? Please stop sending random 'shopping' stuff and stick with the blog.

  2. Hi Karen,

    You're right. It makes no sense. As I say above in the post (which you may not have read before responding) my blog acct was hacked somehow. I have no interest in spamming anyone. This is a blog about serious stuff, and I agree with you about the spam. We ALL have too much spam to wade through, even with spam blockers. Anyway, Karen, the first spam you received this morning was actually spam. The second one was not, it was me just trying to explain what was happening. I'll do my best to stop US Appliance from doing this, but they claimed they were not, but I can't figure out who else might be doing it. I DO use a blog posting app on my iPad and it's possible that the people who make and sell that app have stolen my password and user name and are selling their services as blog invaders. I don't know. Anyway, I am sorry!

    My Lyme is pretty bad right now, as you know from my postings. So getting things like this sorted out, while I'm trying to pay my bills isn't always easy. It's a lot just to keep the blog going.

    If you'd like to contribute to the blog, feel free to leave comments about your health, what symptoms you have, what treatments have worked, and so on. Others (including me) might benefit from you experiences and choices.


    1. I had a conversation with the US Appliance people. We think we figured out what was going on. They claim they do not spam, at least not on people's blogs. I think my 'post by email' address got picked up somehow and ended up on their mailing list. I have changed my password for posting by email, and they removed that address from their mailing list. that should clear this up. Hope, hope.



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