Friday, May 25, 2012

A New Tick-Borne Illness—Medical Establishment and the Government Behind the Curve Again!

Here's an article from 2011, but it's still somewhat timely. I was not aware of this new strain of Borrelia being found in North America.

Who can we trust for accurate info?

Yale researchers working with Russian scientists have discovered a new tick-borne disease affecting thousands of Americans each year. It’s a bacterium called Borrelia miyamotoi, and it’s a distant relative of the spirochete that causes Lyme disease. It’s found in the same deer tick that transmits Lyme.
The new bacterium causes higher fevers than Lyme disease does, and the fevers often disappear and reappear after a week or two. It was actually discovered over a decade ago, though Dr. Durland Fish, the lead Yale researcher, was repeatedly refused a study grant from NIH until the Russian scientists proved it caused illness.

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