Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Salt and Vitamin C Lyme "cure"

I came across this today, via the Lymedisease.org email listserv. Years ago I tried the Salt/C approach (before I found a LLMD) and it did not help me. However, the salt tasted so disgusting that I did not do it for long. My experiment may not have lasted long enough to produce positive effects. This web site makes bold and hopeful claims about the regimen. I would say it is worth reading. Note that it is a come-on, attempting to sell you an e-book about the protocol. The list of therapies the author claims to have tried is impressive (if real), and the list of typical Lyme symptoms I found useful as I am becoming more methodical about tracking my own Sx to present to my LLMDs at appointments. -Bob

"Since 2004, quietly, without fanfare, a simple, inexpensive, 100% natural protocol has helped literally thousands of Lyme sufferers to become free of their Lyme symptoms.


This site is devoted to the presentation and ongoing practical research on this protocol and other adjuncts as it applies to Lyme infection. This site has a sister site, a discussion board, which is located here:


It is free and you are welcomed to join.

My name is M. Fett. I am a "former Lymie". When I say "former Lymie", I mean someone who previously suffered severe Lyme infection who no longer has Lyme, Babesia, Mycoplasma, and various other co-infections but instead remains free and unrelapsing since 2004. In fact, I recently retested negative again where these were once positive.

The story of how this came to be for myself and many others is very simple yet profound..."
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