Monday, June 27, 2011

Lyme on NPR

The Latest on Lyme Disease

New Hampshire has the country’s third highest incidence of this tick-borne illness.  We talk to experts about the disease, its tiny carriers, and why it has made such inroads in the Granite State. We’ll also hear how researchers are studying the Lyme-spreading tick in new ways to figure out where and why they thrive.

  • Dr. Jose Montero, chief epidemiologist at the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services
  • Alan Eaton, entomology specialist at UNH Cooperative Extension 
  • Michael Palace, research assistant professor at UNH and principal science investigator on a NASA-funded project examining Lyme disease in New Hampshire
  • Gary Daniels, Republican state representative from Milford, who sponsored legislation addressing medical treatment issues surrounding Lyme disease
  • Listeners who call in

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