Saturday, March 18, 2017

Can infrared saunas kill cancer, yeast, and chronic infections?

Below is a quote from an LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) that I saw today on the Web:

My two cents on killing multiple [Lyme related] pathogens include raising oxygen and [raising] core body heat levels.  While [arriving at] the correct combination of pharmaceuticals, herbs, and supplements cause confusion, these elements are clear in their health benefits. Of course those with certain health conditions should not use a sauna but they can raise levels with other modalities.

Below is a link explaining the benefits of infared heat. 
Bob's comment:

I'm very interested in other's experiences with infrared sauna because I recently purchased one recently. I've also been in touch with a medical practice in the mid-west that uses 'hyperthermia' (making the body hot, well above the average body temp of 98.6 F) as a treatment for Lyme. Time to fire up my sauna again. It's been a while because it's outside and it has been raining like crazy here in N. California this spring. 

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