Friday, September 11, 2015

Lyme and Alzheimer's connection? Kick in a few bucks?

I rarely, if ever, post something that is about donating cash to good causes, etc. However, this is an exception. I've been following the research work of Alan MacDonald for a few years now, and if you saw Under Our Skin (the award-winning documentary about Lyme disease), you'll have seen Alan talk about his discoveries as a pathologist. His work on the topic of persisters (Lyme bacteria that can survive even strong antibiotics and keep people sick) is important work. He has also shown what suggests a connection between Lyme and Alzheimer's disease. Alan works independently in his own laboratory. He's trying to raise $20 to help pay the bills and continue the research. As of today (9-11-15) donors are in for almost $13k.  Click the link below to read more about Dr MacDonald's work, and perhaps give a few bucks to this worthy cause. 










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