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Alan MacDonald continues work on hypothesis that Lyme underlies Alzheikmer'

(I reformatted the text in legendary Lyme researcher Dr MacDonald's email from Aug 27 so that it is easier to read. I decreased the font size and removed many hard carriage returns. I hope I didn't make any errors by losing some text or making mistakes in assuming groups of sentences that go together.)

Dear Peter,

You should be aware of my Recent posting of Image data on the F1000 research Website. PDF attachment below.

I am aware of Dr. Miklossy's very important Research which dates from year 1993.

My Three papers: all from the decade of the 1980's...

1.)  1986- JAMA- Borrelia in the Brains of Patients dying with Dementia demonstrated:
        1. Pure cultures of Borrelia burgdorferi from two patients - Confirmed with immunoreactivity + for H5332 ( OSP A- burgdorferi)  H9724 ( Flagellin antibody for both burgdorferi group For Borrelia miyamotoi group and for Relapsing Fever group.
2.)  My paper in 1987 in Human Pathology , "Concurrent Neocortical Borreliosis and Alzheimer's Disease"
        Case report -1 patient- Alzheimer's confirmed by strict neuropath outside consultation { Armed Forces Institute of Pathology [AFIP]}. This case was Positive by brain culture for pure growth of Borrelia Burgd.  Imprint cytology and tissue sections were positive for Borrelia. burgd with Monoclonal Antibody H5332

3.)  Year 1988- " Concurrent Neocortical Borreliosis - a case demonstrating a Cystic Spirochetal form"
       {First report in the world of a Borrelia Cystic Form.} Cystic form was positive for Monoclonal Antibody H5332. Cystic borrelia was embedded inside of an Alzheimer Plaque in autopsy Brain.

I take the time to recall historical chronologies in the Discoveries linking deep Brain Chronic Borrelia infection Proven by Positive Borrelia pure cultures of Autopsy Brains performed by me prior to year 1988.

Dr. Miklossy's very important works are extremely important, and her research now favors Oral Spirochetes as a more common cause of Alzheimer's neurospirochetosis. Oral spirochetes are much more fastidious, and nearly impossible to grow from Tissues with Chronic Treponemal infections,

I continue my research on Borreliastrain causes of Alzheimer's neurospirochetosis.  (Most recently adding 6 cases of Doubleinfection ( Burgdorferi + Miyamotoi) in Autopsy Alzheimer's brain tissues.

Oral spirochetes may include several species of Treponeme family of spirochetes. These species are more difficult to culture in the laboratory, and do not at present have the Monoclonal antibody reagents to bind to them, as do Burgdorferi Borrelia.

I am now relying on DNA Probes to bind to the DNA of Spirochetal pathogens. This is because, the imaging of Borreliawith FISH hybridization, does not rely on Antibody binding to the borreliaspirochetes- [ especially important today because there are no commercially available Miyamotoi borreliaantibodies for sale.}

I hope that you derive some useful information from my input. Please see the attachment below. The F1000 website will have additional information provided by me in 3 days. A doi number will appear with the F1000 final posting of my Poster. I will follow up with a formal manuscript providing much more detail about the Research Protocol.

All good Wishes to you,

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