Monday, July 20, 2015

Tiny Tick, Big Controversy

Emily Lampa from WMDT 47 (east coast, Delaware/Maryland/Virginia area)

News Journalist Emily Lampa has done a four-part documentary talking about the controversy of Lyme Disease. The documentary is called, "Tiny Tick Big Controversy." Lampa interviews Chronic Lyme patients, doctors that don't believe in chronic Lyme, and goes over the faulty testing methods used today. An increasing number of reporters are tackling this topic lately, in an attempt to dig down through the misunderstandings and get to the truth about what Lyme patients are going through. You'll see four videos on the page. Click each one in turn, to play the documentary in full.

Click here to see the videos:

I was having a little trouble finding a reliable link. Use this one if the above doesn't work. You may have to scroll to the top of the resulting page to see the videos:


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  1. I went to the WMDT site and found they have a number of interview clips of people featured in the series, here's a link:


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