Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lyme disease caused by ticks may cost $1.3 billion a year

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  1. I guess anyone not living on the Pacific coast is safe then. (there seems to be plenty of mis-information in this presentation sadly, such as transmission time from vector to host) I think absolutely impossible to estimate the cost as so many people are misdiagnosed....and receive wrong diagnosis, wrong treatment. An affordable accurate test is going to be the turning point.....but what then about treatment? that is the gamble. And those with no coverage, no funds, good luck with either test, or treatment. And rarely is it mentioned Borrelia can be transmitted sexually... A friend was treated for Lyme disease, confirmed by Igenex but his wife, not tested; if she too has Borrelia, couldn't she transmit it BACK to him? that treatment was via one of CA's elite LLMDs. Failure to test partners, just seems ludicrous to me. As does treating any marker showing antibodies to Borrelia, and not a bonefide ACTIVE infection ? Antibodies are the body's record of having had a brush with a foe...does not necessarily indicate active infection....Tests need to find the bacteria LIVE in the blood or body fluids. Maybe I'm thing is sure, Lyme disease info, and agreed upon treatment, is still a virgin science frontier. Many info sites also need to include the fact the EM rash can appear BRUISE like, red/purple, not just a bullseye.


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