Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dr Horowitz to be on Today show, June 17, 2015

I was just alerted that:

Dr Horowitz  will be on the NBC Today Show on Wednesday morning (tomorrow) at 10 am EST discussing Lyme disease. Parents magazine will be there with him discussing the warning signs of tick-borne diseases, and how we can protect our families from the spreading risk of tick-borne infections. Hope you can tune in!


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  1. My daughter has suffer with Lyme Disease for over 16 years because she was not treated properly. Going to over 8 doctors including Infectious Disease specialist in Children's Hospitals,would not believe she had Lyme Disease. One day she could not walk and I had such for a doctor who was educated in Lyme Disease. He put her on IV antibiotics and she could walk again. Please all you physicians, take Lyme Disease more serious. There are thousands of people and mostly children who suffer from this disease daily. Its worse then Aids.


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