Thursday, July 25, 2013

DEET vs. Permethrin for tick repellent?

Wondering which insect repellent to use to prevent getting Lyme disease?

deet side effects efficacyDEET is an active ingredient in most mosquito repellents, but is, unfortunately, not particularly effective at keeping ticks at bay. Permethrin is much more effective at keeping ticks under control but there are concerns over the possible connection between the product and Gulf War Syndrome. The efficacy of permethrin compared to DEET was studied by the Minnesota Insect-Borne Disease Education Council as part of field research. Duranon (a 0.5% permethrin solution) outperformed DEET in spectacular fashion as those ticks coming into contact with a shoe sprayed with Duranon three weeks earlier curled up and fell off the shoe whereas ticks continued to walk around unimpeded on a shoe recently sprayed with 35% DEET. DEET is, however, an effective fish repellent, which can explain why some river-fishermen have a hard time catching their supper if using the insect repellent over permethrin which seems to have little effect on fish.

Permethrin – Effective Against Ticks?

Unlike DEET, which is applied to the skin, permethrin is an insecticide applied to clothes and a single application may provide protection against ticks carrying Lyme disease for several weeks if not washed off. The chemical is derived from constituents of chrysanthemum plants and is odorless once applied to clothing and left to air-dry. Those spending considerable time outdoors are often advised to have a separate set ....
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  1. I read that rose geranium essential oil was an effective tick repellent. I'm skeptical but curious. Any idea?


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