Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sinemet causing nausea

I took two Sinemet tablets today, along with Ardane. Those are for my PD symptoms. Then I took some Rx pain killers for the disk problems in my upper back. Mid-day I had excellent control of my hands for piano practicing. Not perfect, but much better than usual. I could play trills and turnarounds for the first time in years. I could not play quickly-repeating, rhythmic chords such as in the Chopin 'Military Poloniase', unfortunately. Still, the control and facility I did have was exhilarating and fun! I played for a couple of hours. It's nice to know that the nerves and muscles are still hooked up. I guess it's just the neurotransmitters that are missing, or are in short supply. It's such a weird disease. Whether it's PD or Lyme, it's really crazy makung and frustrating.

Later on, around 9PM, I started feeling shaky again, so I took another Sinemet. It was on a fairly empty stomach. I felt pretty immediately nauseated, within the hour. Hot flashes, low body temp (95.2), dizzy. An hour later it passed, after eating some chicken. I suspect it was the sinemet, but it sure felt funky.

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