Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Personal update 9-27-11

Here's my latest video update.

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  1. hi bob—

    my symptoms are an almost constant internal seizing, it doesn't get to the point of convulsion or full seizure often now (last full seizure in july), but it is 24/7 and very disconcerting, in the neck, brainstem up into the brain and face.  keeps me from being very functional, and hard to enjoy much.... that is one of the loudest symptoms.  then i have a lot of digestive and food sensitivity issues.  also a lot of weird neuro issues with proprioception, like feeling that my legs have fallen off, my arms are disconnected or hanging by threads, lot of body numbness (i guess that is better than pain), pressure behind the eyes, very jumpy brain... stuff like that... i used to be an athlete so this is a big change; and although not bedridden, i sleep a lot, have to rest a lot, never far from bed or home.  I can't drive (i think i could drive maybe a few miles on a country road)  cognitive issues that sometimes border on hallucination, lie low when that is going on, rest, do a detox tx.  full time job to cope.

    what is working, this may sound wacky, but i have started the salt/c protocol, just over a month now, and i am feeling overall that anxiety is reducing. i am regaining some sensation in my sensory nervous system (constantly wanting to crack my spine cause i can FEEL it), a symptom that feels like i'm being strangled (around the neck) is going down.  I also started taking low doses of iodine recently, just topical, and since then I am starting to have much more energy, I actually walked almost a mile the other day (unheard of recently), I am not sure how the iodine played in, or the salt/c, but that is what happened.  i track everything i eat and take in a journal.  now I am walking everyday (before sometimes hard to get past the front porch or the kitchen).  i  am on no meds at all for anything, body doesn't do well now with meds, may try alinia sometime in nearish future though.  iv antibiotics out of the question for me, but this is producing change.  also, food sensitivities are starting to go down, that has occurred for me with taking diatomaceous earth, low dose, i believe it is getting intestinal parasites.  all seems a little scary, seems like doctrine is neuro = iv rocephin and my question has been if that is not an option, then what is?  i am hopefully starting to probe that question a bit.  maybe sometime the abx will be needed but not now, not possible. my herxing is very steady, mild, no trauma to the body.  i do recommend reading ' The salt/c Plus protocol' by Marc Fett,good info, and the online support group has been helpful as well, philosophy is to work with the body, not over it, no one size fits all protocols.

    I also have a doug coil machine, very strong, very helpful, does induce die-off in the brain. But i'm on break from that so i can do salt/c. i can't do many things at once. Also, i get two colonics a week, two coffee enemas per week, and have a very simple diet of veggies, fish, turkey, and fats; lots of fats so I can keep my weight stabilized.

    Was wondering if BH4 would be a possible addition for you. helps deal with ammonia, but also synthesis of dopamine and serotonin.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any feedback.



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