Saturday, March 26, 2011

Porta-cath installed and Leiden Factor V found

I had a little surgery done Tues to install a 'port' in my chest. It's for administration of antibiotics. They gave me a general anesthetic for that. It hurts a bit. I start IV Rocephin (Ceftrixone) soon for Lyme. A video of the procedure (not for the faint of heart) can be seen here:

My foot and arm tremors are really getting strong and annoying. When I wake up in the morning, they start right up. Unless I stand on the floor, the foot tremors won't stop. Cramping is frequent. Toe joints are enlarging and becoming arthritic.

A new development is the tendency to fall backwards when standing. I keep taking steps backwards to catch myself. Sometimes several. This is typical of Parkinson's, though the Sinemet, Amantadine, and Selegegline I am taking for PD do not seem to help much. Nor do I notice marked decrease of tremor or rigidity. Still experimenting with those as well as beginning Chi Gong for PD. I have located a woman who has cured her PD with Chi Gong as taught by Mingtong here in N. CA Bay Area.   

Turns out a new blood test shows I have extra clotting factor, Heterozygous Leiden V factor, and thus need to instantly get on coumadin and see a hematologist. Sigh. Dr Feig told me years ago we should test my 'coagulation factors' for 'sludgy blood'. Now it's a problem with the port just installed because the port connects to a vein near the neck and a clot could cause a stroke. So I have started coumadin. This gene mutation increases my risk of venous clot 3-8 fold. This is a DNA test and also warns that my relatives could have it too. I have just warned my brothers.  

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