Monday, March 7, 2011

Amalgam Fillings Clue?

An interesting thing happened last week. Maybe this is a big clue. I went to my dentist to have my teeth cleaned, and while I was there I asked to see my chart. I wanted to see when I had my amalgam fillings removed. As it turns out, I had them removed around the end of 2002, in November. A whole lot of them were replaced with composites. At the end of 2002 is when I got sick! When I read the chart over with the dentist's secretary, I could barely believe my eyes. In eight years of Lyme treatments, why hadn't I checked the date of my amalgam removals?

Just to be sure that the dates aligned, I looked back into my e-mails to friends and confirmed they did (I have all my email back to 1992 stockpiled in archives). So, I got sick about the time I had my fillings replaced. The dentist who performed the removals was not a biological dentist, and he did not comply with the rules that I brought him in an article about how fillings should be removed. He pooh-poohed that idea, saying that he had been working with amalgams for 20 or 30 years, and nothing happened to him. He said people who worry about the mercury in fillings are exaggerating the dangers. I decided to go along with him and let him do the work because he had been my dentist for a long time, and I trusted him. I did insist that he use the evacuation vacuum a lot, but still there were fillings dropping into my mouth, and I was inhaling some of the fumes coming out, I could see the vapor coming out of my mouth. No chelation was used. 

Yesterday, before even knowing this, I felt terrible, and all my symptoms were much increased. Lots of tremoring, even pain. Last night I went to the gym and then into the sauna for about an hour. I sweated a bucketful. Then I came home and had a serious Epson salt bath. Water was very hot. So I'm sure I sweated even more, and got lots of magnesium. I took some gabapentin, and some melatonin and even some oral magnesium, and went to bed and slept longer than I have slept in a long time. In fact, I overslept. That is amazing. Predictably, today I felt much better. My symptoms were minimal. At least they never got to the point of my feeling super frustrated, and my mood was much better. So, it looks like magnesium is a key, sweating to detox is a key, and perhaps I have more mercury in my system than I realize. The issue about the fillings is complicated by the fact that I also had a relationship break up at that same time, so maybe maybe I was hit with at least two stressors at the same time - the relationship break up, and the Mercury. And possibly that exacerbated or brought out the Lyme disease that had been in lurking about in my body all these many years. 

I think I want to focus on some detoxification protocols. I am reading about a couple in a book called "The 10 Best Lyme Disease Treatments" by Bryan Rosner. One of them involves extra-virgin olive oil, Epsom salt, and grapefruit. Then, there are coffee enemas, and a couple of others as well.

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  1. Wow interesting connections! I apprectiate your honest accounts!

    I too have this allusive disease, Lyme, that wreaks such havoc on our lives.

    I have found benifits to detoxing with the sauna and baths. Also, wanted to pass along a couple other ideas my doctor gives, for detox/herxing help:
    -Add 2-4 cups baking soda(to epsom salt)hot bath. Costco has big bags of it.
    -Coffee enema. My Dr. recommends a reusable enema bag but for you it would be easier to not have to deal with sanitizing it. I have done both. Check out for colon reflorestation kits(replacing good bacteria in colon). Also call Victoria with any questions about how to do a disposible coffee enema. Shes fabulous!

    Keep hope, keep writing (even if it is short entries!)!


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