Monday, March 5, 2012

New Lyme Book by PJ Langhoff


Lyme, AIDS, Morgellon's Caused by GM (genetically modified) toxic wastes?

Nuclear, agricultural, and industrial wastes may have led to human diseases often denied by public health experts

A provocative expose by Midwest author PJ Langhoff suggests that Lyme disease, HIV/AIDS, Morgellon's, and other infections including those with 'no known cause' may have important ties to genetic engineering "accidents" and toxic pollutants. The new book, "The Fourth Monkey: An Untold History of the Lyme Disease Epidemic" describes the hidden history of today's most controversial illnesses, and their likely connections to highly profitable industries.

The book examines disease links to contaminated wastewaters and soils; and the implications of tainted vaccines and genetically modified (GM) microbes, insects, plants, and industrial biocides. Can biotech tools lead to human diseases including the reactivation of sleeping viruses? Are insects transmitting lab-made formulas thought "safe," and widely used by agriculture, nuclear, mining, plastics, or other industries?

Public health officials were tracking important diseases on several continents since the 1950s. However Langhoff's book presents a far less public side to academic and industrial health and science that may be negatively impacting millions of people around the world. Now available in paperback and handheld versions at:

Allegory Press, LLC
PO Box 444
Hustisford, Wisconsin, 53034 USA

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