Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dykenesia Trial Yields Promising Results for Patients

A note from the Michael J. Fox Foundation:

Today, good news in the search for a treatment for dyskinesia, the uncontrollable movements that are so often a disabling side effect of Parkinson's disease medication.
Swiss biotech and Michael J. Fox Foundation awardee Addex Therapeutics has announced positive results from a phase 2 clinical study of their drug candidate dipraglurant, which is being tested as a therapy to be taken in conjunction with levodopa (the gold standard for treating PD). By targeting the brain's glutamate system, the hope is that the dipraglurant would allow patients taking levodopa to experience better "on" times without dyskinesia.

Dyskinesia is of course, a real roadblock to the long term treatment of PD. Finding a successful treatment to limit this side effect could have major implications for those living with PD today. While such a therapy is still a ways off, the Addex results represent an important next step in driving a potential drug for dyskinesia to market.

To learn more, read the Foundation's News in Context interview with Bill Langston, MD, scientific director and chief executive officer of The Parkinson's Institute in Sunnyvale, California, and staff scientists Audrey Dufour, PhD and Jamie Eberling, PhD. 

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