Sunday, November 7, 2010

HBOT Herxing getting worse

I have been experiencing a significant increase in symptoms in the last few days. I have completed about 37 sessions of hyperbaric oxygen at this point. In the last few days the tremors, rigidity, depression, insomnia, nightmares, balance problems, weakness, brain fog and anxiety have increased significantly. The nurse at the hyperbaric oxygen clinic suggested yesterday that I should skip my session and instead go for colon hydrotherapy for detoxification. The belief is that the symptoms are being worsened by toxic overload in the system. The toxic overload would be the result of die-off of Lyme disease bacteria from hyperbaric oxygen. So I did that, and there was some relief last evening, but this morning things are back to feeling quite shaky, and sleep was not very good. I am having to write this with voice recognition as a result of the extreme rigidity in my body this morning.

The peripheral neuropathy is the worst. My toes are cramping and curling, as well as shaking, both feet are shaking, my right hand is particularly shaky, and right arm is rigid. The only way to get some relief with my feet is to stand. If I am sitting or lying in bed reclined, then they have nothing to push against, and this makes the tremors and cramping worse.

There is clearly a correlation between the hyperbaric treatment and the worsening of symptoms. This leads me to believe that it is true that just as with antibiotics, hyperbaric oxygen will cause die-off of Lyme or other related bacteria. However, in addition to killing the cooties, hyperbaric oxygen heals and causes revascularization of the body. So, unlike antibiotics which can have deleterious side effects, the hyperbaric oxygen will have beneficial side effects and presumably can do no harm. There are very few contraindications with hyperbarics as regards medication, which is also good. I have not yet begun using antibiotics simultaneous with hyperbaric oxygen treatment. I am cautious about doing so, because of the strong Herxheimer reaction I am already having with hyperbaric alone.

I believe my next step is to look into heavy metal detoxification. A number of tests have shown that I have a high amount of a various assortment of heavy metals such as aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium, manganese, and uranium. Yes, uranium! That was a surprise. For some reason, for reasons unknown, people with Lyme disease have difficulty excreting heavy metals. Therefore, metals build up in the system and have to be removed one way or another, such as by chelation. Supposedly, once the body becomes healthy again and the Lyme bacteria are eradicated, the ability to excrete heavy metals normally returns.

One theory about metals accumulation is that the Borrelia bacteria sequester the heavy metals as part of its manufacturing of the biofilm that it hides itself in (cyst form of Borrelia) when its environment becomes hostile, such as after antibiotics are introduced. When using a "cyst buster" such as Flagyl (or perhaps even hyperbaric O2), heavy metals can then be released into the system and cause toxicity with various side effects.

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