Monday, November 15, 2010

HBOT finished. Now what?

My last HBOT session was Wednesday, November 10. Today it is five days post my 40th session. So far I have little to report. My parkinsonism is just as bad as it was, if not worse than when I started the sessions. My eyesight is blurry, as expected, which should clear up within 4 to 6 weeks or so I am told.

My hearing feels somewhat strange, but I do not actually know the cause. Some hearing strangeness did begin with the HBOT sessions, I can say that. For a while, my tinitus was quite a bit worse than usual. (I have had ringing in my ears for about 20 years). It was significantly worse last week, now but it has calmed down. I thought I had lost some high-frequency hearing for a while, because I used to be able to hear very subtle sounds such as the sound of rubbing cloth or water coming out of the faucet--that kind of thing. Or the ambient sound in the room, which is pretty subtle, such as the slight echoing sound that a room makes when you speak or walk. So sounds seem to be attenuated. However, when listening to my stereo system, I can tell that high frequency hearing has not been affected. I can hear very high frequency sounds when music is playing. It seems to be mostly that there is little loss in acuity across the board.

The tests I had done at the audiologist before about the 20th session of HBOT, shows that I had a decrease of about 30 dB in the 8 kHz range. That is a significant drop. But that may have pre-existed before the HBOT sessions, I'm not sure.

Meanwhile, joint swelling in the toes on my left foot, degraded eyesight, rigidity in the right arm, and tremors everywhere (except head and left arm) continue. I feel very sick, have short energy supply, balance problems, and a lot of anxiety still. The HBOT doctor suggested my next stop should be metals chelation and possibly stem cells taken from my hip and injected into my bloodstream. I will investigate those this week.


  1. Hi, just wondering if the blurry eyesight improved?

  2. Yes, it has been returning to normal.

  3. Am curious would you do HBOT again? ... I guess am wondering if there were any positive effects overall. My LLMD has commented that HBOT has limited success (in his experience anyway).

  4. A friend of mine believes HBOT was the cure for her Lyme, but she had already done a bunch of IV Rocephin. What I have heard is that it can be more useful as the final treatment, just as some say herbs can be. I don't know. I probably will not do it again, because it messed with my eyes and ears, and I probably have Babesia. I have read that it can worsen Babesia. Then again, I may have gotten worse during the HBOT because I was off the antibiotics during that approx 2-mo period of time, and it was just a normal relapse. At the very least it drained my bank account over $7K, and I felt very Herxy after almost every session. But it was a good experiment, I met some good folks, and I learned that HBOT can help a good number of people with other maladies such as concussion, diabetic wounds, burns, and MS.

  5. I also did HBOT for lyme. Unfortunately for me it made me sicker.

    I did a total of 30 dives and by the time I was ready and packed to drive home my eyesight was extremely blurry and I could not drive. I have to borrow a pair of one of the techs glasses. I was told this would clear. At first my eyesight which was 20/20 before HBOT and I never wore glasses in my life changed dramatically. I was very near sighted after HBOT. It did resolve but soon turned on me and I became severely farsighted and I have never stopped needing glasses. Also I was feeling sicker in general.

    It was after HBOT that I met my first LLMD and I was told that babesia thrives in 100% oxygen so HBOT would have exacerbated babesia.

    I have yet to meet or hear of one single lyme patient who was helped by HBOT except here. I wonder if that person is still doing well.

  6. Thanks for reporting in, Lizzie. Funnily enough, I had an eye exam today. I was told that I have the beginnings of cataracts and that at 58 that is unexpected. He said my lenses were perfectly clear last time, which was 4 years ago. As you may know, cataracts can be a concern with HBOT. ALso, my prescription for nearsightedness has doubled in that time. He thought that was a bit fast, too, and wanted me to email him a list of my meds so he can research it.

    I have suspected that the Babs got worse in me, too. I'm back on Mepron. I may have a Babs titer test though one of the labs that takes BLue Shield for testing and just pay the copay instead of the Ingenex huge-o fee. See my posting called Labs that take insurance.


  7. I am sorry to read about your eye issues. I would never recommend HBOT to anyone after what I experienced. Once you lose your eyes there's no going back.

    I too am back on mepron with zithromax and now artemisia...not artemisinin. I get my artemisia at very inexpensive.

    I hope you begin to get relief from this treatment. Hang in there.


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