Saturday, August 1, 2020

Dr Horowitz protocol for treating COVID-19 (overheard)

Accuracy not guaranteed on this edited repost by me, but I thought I should post this in case anyone is in need of some tips, clues, links for treating COVID-19 cases.
-Bob Cowart

Dr. Horowitz is now working with state leaders in hopes of securing state funding to conduct randomized trials.

The treatment includes three over the counter natural oral supplements called acetyl-cysteine, glutathione and alpha lipoic acid.

"They block a switch inside the nucleus called NF Capa B, and when this switch gets turned on it turns on all the inflammation and all these inflammatory molecules that you see with COVID-19," says Dr. Horowitz.

Since a vaccine could be months away, Dr. Horowitz says it's time to think outside of the box and try to use natural supplements.

Dr. Horowitz is now working with state leaders in hopes of securing state funding to conduct randomized trials.

Does anyone know the doses of the Horowitz protocol? I have recommended 600mg NAC plus selenium 400mcg to increase production of glutathione as well as Liposomal Glutathione orally or injectable Glutathione from a compounding pharmacy if possible. Reports of rapid relief of Covid-19 symptoms with Glutathione are unfortunately only uncontrolled case reports, but that type of response is lifesaving and low risk for adverse effects. Glutathione levels decrease with viral infections and NAC and selenium have been reported to restore levels. Glutathione is an important controller of innate and adaptive immunity, inflammation and reduction of ROS plus it has antiviral effects. Too bad the "standard" treatment approaches are always search for "silver bullets" instead of understanding the pathophysiology of the illness and using methods to correct it.

Horowitz spoke about Ivermectin as being current best Rx hope for prevention and early intervention pending double blind placebo controlled trials.
0.2-0.4 mg/kg once a week for two weeks, repeat in 12 weeks (someone said they heard that in one of his latest YouTube interviews).

Binds to CD157 receptors on RBC and block micro vascular clotting, and prevents Covid19 from entering cell membrane where they shut down immune function. 

Dr. Horowitz has now used the treatment on nearly two dozen coronavirus patients.

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