Thursday, May 30, 2019

More studies on the effectiveness of various Lyme disease prevention measures

In looking to see if I could find the full text, I came upon this site where a physician rated the study and provided citations.


Effectiveness of personal protective measures to prevent Lyme disease.
Vázquez M, Muehlenbein C, Cartter M, Hayes EB, Ertel S, Shapiro ED
Emerging Infect Dis 2008 Feb; 2(14):210-6

Full Study:  

How can we prevent Lyme disease?
Hayes EB, Piesman J
N Engl J Med 2003 Jun 12; 24(348):2424-30


Emergence of Lyme disease in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, 1993: a case-control study of risk factors and evaluation of reporting patterns.
Orloski KA, Campbell GL, Genese CA, Beckley JW, Schriefer ME, Spitalny KC, Dennis DT
Am J Epidemiol 1998 Feb 15; 4(147):391-7

Full study here:  

Case-control study of risk factors for incident Lyme disease in California.
Ley C, Olshen EM, Reingold AL
Am J Epidemiol 1995 Nov 1; 9 Suppl(142):S39-47

Abstract only:  

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