Friday, October 6, 2017

Budget laboratory for Lyme testing

As you probably know if you have been treating Lyme disease for a while, the testing to attempt to determine whether or not you have Lyme disease and/or coinfections can be very expensive. I saw this today from a listserv I am on, where clinicians talk to each other and answer questions about Lyme and other infections. I have not heard of these labs before so I can't make recommendations, but it sounds as though they would be worth checking out.


Medical Diagnostics Laboratories in NJ does quite a few antibodies and PCR's.  They have a package price for self-pay patients and it does not matter how many tests you order.  the price is $225.

Pathogenius labs in TX (now MicroGen) does well on non-tickborne bacteria.  They do any body fluid EXCEPT blood, as far as I know.  They do DNA sequencing for 25,000 organisms.  We have had positive results from them on various fluids.  You might want to check them out online. I think the price was around $250-$300, quite reasonable.

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